Feel The Beauty of River Neranjana and The Peace of Bodhgaya, The Land of Enlightenment.

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The Silent Meditation Ashram
which is situated near the beautiful river bank of Néranjana
and the visibility of ancient Vajirasana Temple of Lord Buddha.

The Neranjana river, which is flowing near the sacred land of Bodhgaya, where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment, is much picturesque and attractive. The most attractive shrine which is built to commemorate the great Enlightenment of Lord Buddha, the “Mahabodhi Maha Vihara”, can be seen as a huge giant which is situated near the “Sacred Bodhi Tree” with great pride. This land is the most valuable and the most sacred place of all Buddhists and has been worshiped by numerous groups throughout the history.

After having the alms-giving of milk rice, Lord Buddha attained the great enlightenment on the “Vajirasana Throne”, under the "Peepal Tree" shade, which is situated in the river bank of Neranjana, in the Valley of “Uruvel”. If any alms-giving was given to Lord Buddha before the Enlighenment, that was given in the Uruvel area. It was an alms-giving of milk rice and was given by a daughter of a rich householder, who was called as “Sujata”. The “Uruvel” has become sacred just because of this great alms-giving.

The beautiful forest garden which is situated with the charming shades of mango trees near Neranjana river bank of the “Uruvel”, is the ‘BuddhaGayan Meditation Ashram’. Our teacher, Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnananandha Thero has spent much solitude three years at this land, building a room in 2007. Then, this land was assigned to his student, Kusalachiththa thero of Horowpothana. Since then, this meditation Ashram has arrived at a leading place from other Ashrams, providing much more services to Buddhism.

It is easy to visit this Ashram if someone can hire a three-wheel rickshaw (Tempo/ Tuk Tuk) from ‘Bodhgaya Mahabodhi Maha Vihara’ and ask the driver to drop at ‘BudhGayan Ashram’ or at ‘Sunday school’, which is in Rattibiga village across the Bakror bridge.

A Sunday school which teaches Dhamma, and meditation to the innocent children who reside around Bodhgaya, is carried out at this place. Between thousand to thousand five hundred students attend this school to gain help in order to be better citizens. We try our best to offer them a highly valuable education without obtaining any fee.

In the winter, we offer a cup of hot tea with breakfast; and in the summer, we offer a glass of cool drink with breakfast, to each and every student. This Dhamma school which was conducted under the shades of huge mango trees in Ashram land was carried out for over ten years. Since we did not have any space to conduct Dhamma classes in a grade-wise manner, we taught Dhamma to two main categories of children; as small children and adult children. We taught these two groups at the same place by dividing the teaching periods separately.

Also, we are delighted to state that we have implemented an ‘Educational Project’ to provide aid for the low income receiving, talented, disciplined students who are eligible to maintain meditation well. This project provides the financial aid, which is necessary for continuing school education of the children.

Around six Bhikkhus reside in BuddhaGyan meditation Ashram. After the ‘Vassana Observing period’, a “Katina Robe Offering Ceremony” was held during the “Katina Robes” month in rainy season. At that almsgiving of this ceremony, we offer breakfast and lunch to around five hundred Buddhist Monks and donations to the impecunious villagers.

Ancient Bodhgaya MahaBodhi Maha Vihara is highly visible to our Ashram’s meditation hall, which is situated near the Neranjana river. Buddhists who come from countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and China visit Bodhgaya and the place where the milk rice Alms-giving was held by ‘Sujatha’. Also, these people do not forget to visit the ‘BuddhaGayan Ashram’, which is situated 1Km away from Sujatha’s alms-giving place.

May this BuddhaGayan Meditation Ashram, which provide huge religious and social service in the sacred land of Bodhgaya, last for a longer period of time with all blessings from the Sacred Vajirasana Throne and all dieties from; providing blessings to more persons…!

Sadhu...! Sadhu...!! Sadhu…!!!

May the Blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha be with you…!!!